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I'm here to help tell your life's story by capturing the timeless moments that kindle joy in your life, all well enjoying the process. My greatest values are seamlessness and transparency. When booking with me you may rest assured knowing your worries are taken care of and am happy to answer your questions along the way.

Q: Where are you based?

A: I currently live north of the twin cities but I'm just one flight away from capturing  your big day.


Q: Why Photography?

A: In high school I was the go-to social media friend to get all the right angles for instagram. But the day I got my first big-girl camera I was convinced it was more than just a hobby.  It came with me everywhere: trips up-north, sporting events, graduation, and eventually my first wedding which happened to go pretty good.. so here I am!

Q; What's your favorite type of photography

A:Couples, intimate weddings, and newborns!

Q: what can you expect when booking with me?

A: My first priority is making sure you are comfy behind the camera. Regardless of your experience with professional photography, you can expect an excellent sense of direction, and a girl that's ready to hype you up along the way. 

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